Putting the 'bling' in blogging!!

First of all, I would like to thank to because give me a very big chance to earn money with only blogging! I am very pleasure after signed up the because I can see many opportunities to get money with just putting the ads code into my blog. It is very simple steps just like A-B-C when I first registered on because there are easy instructions to follow by and also got a FAQ section for me to refer to. As the is my first sponsored program to join, I believe the medium of advertisement is more targeted to Malaysian because they have local products, services and events to review easily by quality visitors.

Why I like Advertlets?

It is very simple question to answer, but for me it will give a lot of benefits when I join as many bloggers did it before. I believe that I have to put a lot of effort to let visitors come back to my blog and simply click the advertisement that Advertlets give to me. I know it is not easy to let visitors come back and give me chance to earn money because of very low traffic on my blog, but I am sure that Advertles is really let me earn money even if my blog is on low traffic! Plus, I can earn money easily with the establishment level of my blog (Advertlets Premium Factors).What a surprised for a new blogger like me, Adverlets give me more new ad sizes for fun and profit because it will get more options for advertisers and bloggers! I believe that is why I really like Advertlets.

1. Advertlets will launch new, non-traffic sensitive ad formats beneficial for low traffic bloggers.

2. Your earnings will not just depend on your blog traffic, but the establishment level of your blog (Advertlets Premium Factors)

3. All Eligible Malaysian Advertlets Members with the Advertlets Code installed in their blogs, will get ads!

4. The Advertlets Support System will be launched!

5. The higher you put your Advertlets sidebar ads, the higher you will be paid!

6. More new ad sizes for fun and profit = more options for advertisers and bloggers!

7. New ad packages and billing options for advertisers - making it easier for everyone to get ads.

8. An interface revamp for the bloggers dashboard.

9. New advertisers in the new formats!

10. No minimum blog traffic requirements

What I Hope to Get From Advertlets?

As the Advertlets is a medium for me to earn money with putting advertisement in my blog, I really hope that the Advertlets will put more advertisement that simply attracts teenagers in Malaysia. I believe many teenagers are surfing through the net, so this is the best opportunity to make profit if they know that something attract them when they see the advertisement that hook with their interest. Other than that, I am sure that teenage visitors will like to see the underground band advertisement because nowadays some teenagers are more likely to watch gigs and live band anywhere. And I am sure they also need medium through internet to watch the gigs' schedules. So, with the advertisement that suit with particular teenagers, I am sure either the Advertlets or me will get the profit and earn money with it.


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