Star Celeb Your Road to Stardom

Want to be the next star celebrity? Here is your chance to get through the reality show that promises lots of surprises, talent showcase and experiences. The show is hosted by May Wan and Daniel Tan who is talented in the field of modeling and hosting.

Register online now (for priority queue) or fill up the form at the audition at the venue mentioned below.

Do not forget to bring along your new I/C and one recent colour photo to the audition.

Contestants’ Eligibility

1. Malaysian, single, male or female between the ages 18-30

2. Must be able to read & converse in English or Mandarin;

3. Must be available during the following dates: 14 July 2007– 29 July 2007 and 6 October 2007- 21 November 2007 for the competition;

4. Must not have any existing or prospective exclusive modeling or artiste contract

5. Must bear own expenses for accommodation and transportation during the competition period.


Grand Prize: Two Winners will each receive RM25, 000 cash prize, One year hosting / modeling contract and other fabulous prizes.

Audition Venue


Level 2 Catleya Rooms,

Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur


23rd & 24th June 2007

30th June & 1st July 2007


10 am – 5 pm

For details, please visit StarCeleb online, and do not miss to join the audition for the first step closer to be the next star celebrity!

Watch it on NTV7, coming to you soon.


muhamad fuad said…
nice contest..though it seems like being oriented to the chinese community with the mandarin language reuqirement..
Prince Justice said…
aik... ape cerita? semangat habis promo ni. ada hati nak jadi STAR ke adik kita yg sorang ni?? =)
Yattie Nopiah said…
melayu yg reti bahasa mandarin juga dipersilakan join :)

cerita nya,kalo nk join star celeb ni sila lah pergi audition dia :)
sy tak layak jd STAR..hehe.
mixterr said…
mcm Audition utk chinese jer ni...
NezJoe said…
Another reality show?

kalau bagus tak mengapa!
Izwan said…
Sayang audition hanya di buat di KL.

BTW, Cik Yattie datang juga ke tak? :)
Yattie Nopiah said…
Malaysian who can converse in English or Chinese are eligible to participate the show.
is there any malay wanna try it?

ye, another reality show..
tumbuh mcm cendawan.
kalo nk tau bagus ke tak tgk je la nnt.
aku pun xpnah tgk!

a'ah kt kL je kan..
cik Yattie tak berminat nak cari publisiti..lagi pun cik yattie tak reti nk expose dpan public n camera..ihi
arephyz said…
ni sponsor post ke.. :)
Yattie Nopiah said…
hik..abih tu?
kalo bukan takde la aku rajin nk buat:)

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